Entry Lobby – FIDS Display #1 Dynamic Ad

Located in: Common Areas

This spot is featured on the very first flight information display screen (FIDS) for current and upcoming flights. Passengers will regularly check this display for their flight’s status and related information. It is the very first display seen by all travelers departing the airport.

The ads on a FIDS will be dynamically sized to fit the available space on the screen throughout the day. As flights are removed from the screen (after their arrival/departure), the available ad space increases in size, as do the ads in this dynamic space.

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Each spot Duration is: 0:30
Capabilities: Video, Static Image, or Slideshow

Spots Available: 3 of 3


Monthly Rate (with Annual Commitment): $1,200

Monthly Rate (with Quarterly Commitment): $1,400

Month-to-Month: $1,500

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