MagicKiosks Touchscreen Directory – Digital Ad Package

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MagicKiosks™ are the perfect digital concierge, welcoming committee, and directory all in one.

With the Digital Ad Package you will have presence on MagicKiosk whether MagicKiosk is idle (and in full-screen slideshow mode) or being used, there are digital ads that will be visible on-screen.

  • 55″ Vertical Full-screen Ad when kiosk is not being used
  • 1/3 screen Banner Ad when kiosk is being used for directory

Both ad formats are standard in the Digital Ad Package.

Dimensions: 55″ Vertical Display

NOTE: Limited spots are available.

Spots Available: 6 of 6


Monthly Rate (with Annual Commitment):

Monthly Rate (with Quarterly Commitment): $317


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