Take Brand Awareness to New Heights

Tweed HVN is quickly becoming one of the north east corridor's fastest growing airports. With recent advances in scaling the operation – and plans to further grow, including the development of a new terminal area and a runway extension – Tweed is an airport of choice for many personal and business travelers.

Krative is the exclusive agency offering advertising and sponsorship opportunities at Tweed HVN.

One of Connecticut’s
Larger Transportation Hubs

with Tweed HVN Airport, centrally located bus terminals, and rail services including Metro North, Shoreline East, and Amtrak.

750,000+ Travelers

come through Tweed annually. We anticipate this number to continue to grow as the Airport continues to scale its operations and offerings.

Tweed HVN is NOT a Typical Airport

with its extremely friendly staff, convenient proximity to major areas of interest, and several (actually) nearby parking areas.

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